Heartbreaking Consequences of Intergenerational Trauma on Souls…

by | Oct 4, 2021


Quote from this website…

What Is Intergenerational Trauma?

“Trauma is a person’s emotional response to a tragic event (for example, accidents, sexual violence, and natural disasters). Long-term trauma is marked by having flashbacks, unpredictable emotions, and physical symptoms like nausea and headaches.3

Do you feel layers of different types of childhood trauma and other trauma events over many years in your family and life in general? Sounds and feels horrific to me. How about you?

The effects of decades of traumas on me and my family is indeed heartbreaking if not a ‘hell and back and forth’ horrific journey. More painful is knowing I’m not alone, to be sure…

I have come to know all too well how my behaviors have affected loved ones. I’ve also come to know painfully that my capacity to fix these symptoms of ‘fight/flight’ reactions, until way later in my life, has been a rabbit hole journey until more recently.

It’s far worse than “ohhh shit!” It’s like living in chaos 24/7 with barely a moment of peace and tranquility.

Life for me, until now at age 75, has been like traveling a high speed train around Europe for 7 decades with no stops in between. Can a person who suffers like this stop and get off the train? I still haven’t an answer to that question. Have you?

Long term ‘trauma informed’ therapy is a gift for me and my family. After almost 2 years it’s been hard work, but a life saving choice. I have a new grandson to hang with. A second chance for special love and joy with my family in these later years.

Life has many twists and turns, as we all experience. Finding peace of mind for me has always been a frantic search for my lost soul. Trauma does that, you know. It feels like my soul was hijacked and held hostage by demons for most of my life.

I know I’m not alone. That’s a sad consequence of intergenerational trauma, I know with sadness for all who suffer. It’s a sad outcome for generations of families since WWII, and long before my generation.

Be hopeful no matter your age. Don’t give up on finding a way to heal, find your soul, and a lasting peace of mind. There are many ways to find peace. Many find it with religious affiliations. Others seek God in other ways through meditative practices, and nature especially…

But, wherever your heart and soul takes you, keep going. Get up each day and keep moving, learning and dreaming. Keep dreaming big. Keep looking for the bright light in your dream, and keep going after it with your whole being, even when it’s very dark…

Be happy. Be well. Find peace in your heart and soul. We all deserve this as humans. I know this now too.

Steve and Judy Sparks
Children and Families in Life After Trauma

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