Happy Thanksgiving…indeed! “Holidays and the 18% PTSD Danger Zone.”

by | Nov 27, 2013

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The spiritual beauty of “Sparks Lake” near Bend, Oregon

Holidays…a trigger for PTSD survivors…  Quote from this website article…

PTSD Spirituality: Holidays and the 18% PTSD Danger Zone

by DR. Z on NOVEMBER 6, 2011
“Holidays and family get-togethers can often be PTSD triggers.  We notice two broad categories of triggers.  On the one hand, PTSD Triggers can be uniquely individual, based on the trauma that caused the PTSD to begin with.  On the other hand, there is the PTSD danger zone that occupies 18% of each year.  This zone seems to apply to most people with PTSD, regardless of how they were actually afflicted with PTSD.  That danger zone extends from November 11th to the second week of the following January.”
I used to hate holidays, especially Christmas!  Sad to say, but true.  I don’t feel this way anymore, especially since finding a path to heal and thrive as a survivor in life after trauma.  By taking the big step of researching, and writing my book, along with the ongoing work of helping others who suffer from the symptoms of PTSD and moral injury, I now look forward to the holiday season with joy, thanks, and the blessings of good health, family and friends…  Peace of mind is a huge gift in life.  It is never too late to embark on a journey of healing.  The best part is empathizing with my loved ones, who enjoy the holidays much more these days.  For so many years it was virtually impossible for me to see how my own anxiety and depression affected family members too…  Beginning the journey of thriving as a survivor sooner rather than later is a win, win, win.  Try taking a small step by being open to the kindness of others or helping someone else in need.
Best wishes for a most happy Thanksgiving and joyful holiday season…
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