Gualala Arts Center, Northern Mendocino Coast Hwy 1… A place of inspiration & healing…

by | May 26, 2013

Gualala Arts Center (707) 884-1138
46501 Gualala Rd, Gualala, CA 95445

Sharon Nickodem’s Shrine

Beach time in a secret cove near Gualala…  Quote from this website…

“We are a community arts organization, located in Gualala, California, dedicated to promoting public interest and participation in the arts since 1961. Here you can find art exhibits, workshops & classes, classical & popular music performances, theater, lectures and much more.


Our first day staying in Pt. Arena was a real treat!  We are looking forward to spending the entire week exploring this remote Northern California Coast area on Hwy 1, around 125 miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.  Why did it take so long for us to get here considering how much of our life has been the Bay Area?  My excuse is we need to save some of the best and very special places on earth for our bucket list…

Gualala and the coastal area near Pt. Arena is special and peaceful indeed.  We noticed a slogan on a tee shirt, “I’m in la la land.”  Pretty much sums up how we felt after our first day hanging out in a place that feels like a huge departure from the hectic life in a larger town with all the 21st Century distractions and stress.  We had to go on a search and rescue mission to find a wifi hot spot, but it seems rather a treat than an inconvenience.  Making cell phone calls out here is a trick, but that doesn’t matter either.  The irony of all the remoteness and lost in time coastal culture is that just a couple of miles from our resort is the Pacific Ocean fiber optics underwater cable gateway at Manchester, Ca.  But it seems nobody really cares or thinks about this sort of thing.  I noticed visitors from out of town chasing down the limited 3g & 4g weak cell signals, including moi…  But who really cares?  Judy and I are sitting in the only wifi hot spot  in the town in Pt. Arena at the Arena Market so guess we care… 

I was inspired to post on my blog today to share with my readers how refreshing it is to find ourselves in a very remote, special, and peaceful place to just kick back and chill out for this Memorial Day holiday week 2013.  We feel blessed and thankful for the sacrifices of veterans of all wars who have protected the freedoms we enjoy each and every day…

Steve Sparks
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