Graduating from St. Mary’s College of California in 1989…a most proud moment in my life!

by | Nov 1, 2014

St Marys


St. Mary’s College of California…  Quote from this website…

“A Saint Mary’s education inspires learning that lasts a lifetime. It engages the intellect and spirit, and awakens the desire to transform society. We are all learners here — working together to understand and shape the world.”


Driving through the Bay Area yesterday on our way home to the Oregon Coast opened a treasure trove of memories…a slideshow of countless blessings, including graduating from St. Mary’s College in 1989, earning a BA in Management.  Finally completing my college education after over 20 years of study at multiple colleges and universities was a surreal experience.  I dreamed of going to college as a young adult.  My dream became stronger and stronger over the years during the prime of my career in the telecommunications industry during the 70’s and 80’s, especially while working for Nortel Networks in San Ramon, California.  I have Nortel to thank for allowing me the time and providing the funding to complete my education.  To this day, my heartfelt gratitude to Nortel Networks. especially old friends and colleagues, inspires me each and every day…

It was not easy going to college while working and raising a family for so many years.  Many disruptions, challenges, and obstacles along the way almost made the dream of graduating from college impossible, so it seemed at times…  But with the support of so many friends, colleagues, and loved ones, my dream was realized in 1989.  I still look each day at the  college degree on the wall of my office, and count the blessings in my life, including the appreciation of the challenges we all face in achieving our dreams.   It was “no picnic at the beach” at times, but none the less my life has been a wild and beautiful ride…  I have been so fortunate to have many friends, mentors, and loved ones, especially my wife, Judy, who gave me the courage and inspiration to keep going and make dreams come true.  Now in retirement and still dreaming of things to come, it is a love for life and community service that continues to push me to new beginnings…  I am most thankful on this day, and looking forward to getting back home to Depoe Bay, Oregon…a paradise on earth indeed…

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