“From Heroes to Monsters?” What did Dr. Phil mean?

by | Jul 9, 2012


For those that aren’t listening to the entire show. The Dr. Phil Show changed the name to “Heroes in Pain”. 

Dr. Phil got into big trouble with this program, using the word “monster” in the title of his show.  Boone Cutler’s “Tipping Point” Fox radio show, talks to war fighters about the “monster” suggestion.  Using the term was totally unacceptable considering the challenges faced by combat veterans adjusting to life after war.  All the producers needed to do is use a different title on the get go, and it would have had a favorable reaction.  The Dr. Phil show content is apparently considered most helpful as a resource.  But now, it is much harder to get veterans to listen.  Check out Boone Cutler’s show and learn more.  Tipping Point covers many topics for war fighters and is considered an excellent resource.  The live interviews with combat veterans provides powerful examples of the experiences of veterans returning home from war.  Most would agree that what really counts is what veterans do with their lives when they return home to life after war.  Using the word “monster” is way over the top, and only advances the stigma of mental health challenges.  Most veterans transition back to a healthy and productive life after war.

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Reconciliation: A Son’s Story

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