Froggy, The Homeless Christmas Spirit, and “Algee Bear…”

by | Dec 13, 2020

“Froggy” The Homeless Christmas Spirit and “Algee Bear”
Froogy’s Favorite Christmas Song… “Jingle Bells”
Froggy, “Algee Bear” and Simba…

Nye Beach, Oregon… Christmas 2020

This is a story of the Spirit of Christmas…

Froggy came to know Santa as a kid lost. His family abandoned him to survive alone in the cold of winter on the beach. He was very hungry and scared.

Santa made a stop in Newport, Oregon on that Christmas in 2019 when Froggy was alone on the beach.

He didn’t understand why his mama and pop would leave him behind.. “I was never hugged anyway,” Froggy thought, sadly… “Maybe they didn’t love me,” he thought with more sadness.

Without hesitation, Froggy jumped aboard Santa’s Reindeer Sled without notice. He jumped ever so carefully so not to get Santa’s attention.

Froggy found a safe spot and hid underneath some of the the presents. The presents left behind were headed back to Santa’sWorkshop for repair…

Santa didn’t see Froggy… But Rudolph did, with a wink, and a nod, then looked away.

It was easy to love with Rudolph’s bright red nose right away!

Santa returned to the North Pole after all the stops delivering gifts and treats to all the kids. Froggy wished he could be home for Christmas. “Maybe this is home?” He thought with tears of hope in his eyes.

When Santa arrived back to his North Pole home and work shop, Froggy appeared, looking cold, hungry, and afraid.

Santa, with a kind and warm smile, took Froggy in and made him his only official “Christmas Froggy.”

Mrs Clause and all of Santa’s family welcomed Froggy. Santa’s elves served up hot chocolate and peanut butter cookies. Froggy loved ❤ it. Mrs. Clause hugged Froggy with a warm embrace.

Froggy loved to be hugged after that. He hugged his new Christmas family everyday at the North Pole..

“Santa is my hero!” Froggy said often…
Santa and his elves…

Froggy loved ❤ hanging out with Santa, Ms. Clause, and all of Santa’s elves and helpers. Froggy hated the cold weather, though.

Froggy missed home in Newport, Oregon. He wanted to return to find his way back to friends and loved ones at the beach near the rain forest.

“Maybe, I could be adopted by a new family,” Froggy thought.

So that next Christmas while Santa made his regular stop in Nye Beach in Newport, Oregon, Froggy made his move.

Froggy, now annointed “Santa’s Christmas Frog,” jumped off Santa’s Sled while he delivered gifts to all the children in Nye Beach.

Rudolph looked back at Froggy, winked and looked away. They were kindred spirits.

Froggy was alone and very cold. He found a warm spot with another homeless young man, Joe, a veteran.

They got shelter underneath the Nye Beach Art Gallery covered walkway near the beach. There was a flat spot to sleep under the elevated ramp. He and Joe could stay warm in the sleeping bag together.

“Prime spot,” Joe would say, while guarding the entrance. Joe was a warrior.

It was warm compared to the North Pole, but still cold. Froggy got to know his new friend, Joe.

Joe served in Somalia as a warrior. His head was injured in a raid. He was shot up too and walked with much pain and difficulty.

Froggy and Joe traded stories, and were given food from the locals who looked out for the homeless.

Joe, loved Froggy’s Jingle Bells song. Froggy got tired of croaking all the time, but he knew Joe felt better when he sang Jingle Bells.

One day while Froggy was sitting with Joe, both hungry and scared, Algee Bear came by on her regular walk on the beach.

Algee Bear helped the homeless find shelter out of the cold of winter at the beach. Sometimes the wind and rain got the best of them. Algee Bear was kind and loving.

Newport, Oregon takes care of the homeless, especially during the coldest months of the year. Algee Bear is a member of Lincoln County’s volunteer peer support group assigned to Nye Beach.

If only there were more neighbors like Algee Bear in the world,” Joe would say.

Algee Bear was trained as a Mental Health First Aid USA peer support volunteer. She was also certified as a MH 1st Aid USA Trainer.

That night, Froggy and Joe found their way with Algee Bear’s help to a shelter with others who came in from the cold.

Froggy felt at home right away. Algee Bear was loving and kind. He felt safe. Froggy knew he had a chance to get back on his feet again.

“Algee Bear would see to that,” he thought. Froggy trusted Algee Bear. Joe got help from Algee Bear too. It seemed like folks cared about the homeless in Newport.

Froggy felt he was home, no longer scared and lonely. Joe felt the same.. They both talked with hope and joy for a better future.

Algee Bear helped Froggy find a new home with loving foster parents who took him in for good. He was sad to say good bye to his pal, Joe.

Algee Bear found Joe a veterans home in Lebanon, south of Portland. Joe would find a caring home and health care for his wounds from war.

Froggy was loved again and finally home…

“It was indeed a wonderful Christmas for Froggy and Joe. Thanks a bunch to Algee Bear and Newport, Oregon…


Judy and Steve Sparks ❤

Children & Families in Life After Trauma (CFLAT)

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