Fictional Tales of Community Building in Lincoln County Oregon… Based on True Events…

by | Jan 9, 2022

I’ve archived many stories in my mind over the years. Many to cheer, many good, and too many bad & ugly.

But, the citizens of Lincoln County never hear about these stories in public, not ever in a transparent way. These employees, their friends & families, live in fear. They live with unspeakable trauma.

My friend, Alice has a high blood pressure problem. She suffers from PTSD, anxiety & depression. She is also a single person who must have a secure income.

I imagine now, too, as I write this sad story, that many of you have heard this story before. I have, over and over and over again for many years. It’s the same old disgusting story! And, it makes me sad, and angry. How about you?

Why are we stuck in our self serving silos and seem to be in denial about our own sickness as tired troubled leaders?

Why do these struggling leaders fear getting help themselves help while everyone else around them at work & at home get sicker because of them?

Only they would know that. But, we know this too, right?

What does this story, like too many stories on my mind, say to you?

These selected stories are all the same.

They involve leaders of agencies that care only about themselves. They care only about retirement.

They are not thinking about employees or workplace wellness. They abuse their employees and make them sick. Then, these same sick folks wonder why they can’t recruit or retain the best employees…

Here’s my 1st fictional story based on true events.

Alice Ascii, Agency XOI

Alice is a close friend. As a public person, highly engaged in public service & community building in Lincoln County Oregon, I know, and have many friends & colleagues. I care deeply for most of them. Some of them, not so much…

Alice came to me recently, and on more than one occasion the last few years. She needed a friend to talk to. Someone she could trust.

As she walked into my house for a visit, like she does when the universe says it’s time, she blurted out, “fuck them, fuck her, fuck Lincoln County!” I’m resigning this time! I can’t take it anymore, Steve, you know!”

Alice is in her mid 30’s, same as a daughter to me. I love her. It pisses me off that young employees, like Alice, who have great potential get sick from being forced to work under sick bosses who abuse employees.

These bosses pretend to be leaders. They grin & smile with their bosses. Turn right around go back to their silos, and continue to abuse, malign and disrespect the greatness of our good people who work for them for the greater good.

What is worse, these are the same bosses who refuse Mental Health 1st Aid training themselves. These are the same bosses who say with great enthusiasm, “I fully support “trauma informed” best practices and work place wellness.

I know they don’t. I know who they are, but will never say. I care about them too. It’s not their fault either.

It is directly the fault of the executive branch of County Government, the Board of Commissioners (BOC). We all know that, don’t we?

That’s why I’m on the primary ballot in May, running for Lincoln County Oregon Commissioner position 1. And, I’ll win too!

Watch me!

Steve Sparks CEO Children & Families in Life After Trauma (CFLAT)


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