Feeling My Soul in Red Rock Canyon… Part IV

by | Oct 28, 2021


Feeling God in Red Rock Canyon with Steve ‘n Judy Sparks


As I sat on an ancient Sandstone rock that felt like a chair made for me, I looked up as the Sun was setting over White Mountain. I closed my eyes and dreamed of being here with Native Americans long ago…

I was listening to my soul. I felt connected to the peace and love of this place in that time. I know life was hard then as it is now. But, I felt, in my soul, it was a place I would’ve loved…

My soul is moved when surrounded by nature and special spiritual moments in the wild. So quiet, so peaceful. Only prayer and meditation connects my heart and soul in this moment, in this very spot, taking in nature’s voices in my soul…

I feel the Piautes and their families too. These special people were the first human settlers 15,000 years ago or so.

The Piautes came to North America on a slow trek from Alaska, as history tells us. When they arrived here in the Red Rock Canyon, they felt God and the harmony of man and nature, as I do in this moment, I know…

Just looking around, one would not recognize the bounty of this beautiful place at first. But, stick around, breathe deeply, listen and see…

What do I see? What does my soul feel?

So, I leave you with this from Healing Secrets of Native Americans, is what I believe now too! And, this is a gift from my heart and soul to me…

“They wanted their relationship with Mother Nature to be as harmonious as possible because they believed that only when they lived in harmony with the earth they would achieve spiritual peace, which is essential for good health.”

Steve and Judy Sparks
Children and Families in Life After Trauma

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