E. L. Farris…”I saw an angel one time.”

by | Jul 10, 2013

E.L. Farris

Ex-lawyer E.L. Farris is a born-again, marathon-running married mother of three who resides in Northern Virginia. She is the author of Amazon #1 Bestseller Ripple: Young Adult Version, and Ripple, A Tale of Hope and Redemption, as well as the upcoming I Run, A Novel

An amazing visit by an angel…  Quote from this website article…

“On this night, like so many nights, I was frightened. The din of a household at war with itself gave me this drowning, suffocating, dying, aching, throbbing, heartbreaking sensation, which is the best way I can explain what it’s like to grow up in a broken family. No one had tucked me in that night, which was fine. It was sort of, maybe, oh no, not really fine to be honest.”


I was so touched by this piece by E. L. Farris, especially after publishing a post about my broken family this week…“Child Abuse…Silence is the Enemy…”  Kids are very resilient and creative…  Kids are survivors…  But growing up in a broken home never leaves us.  We must find ways to heal as adults to achieve some peace of mind and a path of healing…  I found my own “angel” as a small boy too.  My angel was always the belief that tomorrow would be a better day.  It was hope and connectedness with everything positive, warm and fuzzy even for a short period of time in the safety of my room at night or during the day at school.   I believe we have an angel tapping on our shoulders as adults as well.  The things that happen don’t seem coincidental anymore.  My wife had been telling me this for years before it became clear to me that events are not always coincidental.  There is a spiritual component in we humans that connects us to things larger than self.  Once we can find the angel in our lives, we are never alone.  I call my wife Judy an angel too… But she will tell me that we can only feel the spirit of our own angel.  I believe her with all my heart now…

So, like E. L. Farris, writing is my angel these days.  Writing and sharing with others keeps me grounded and feeling whole.  Writing is cathartic and offers healing value to others who might feel alone otherwise…  I am so happy to know E. L. Farris and share her inspiring words on my blog… Please take a moment and click An amazing visit by an angel… by E. L. Farris.

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