Dr. David Muss and the “Rewind Technique.”

by | Aug 17, 2012


If you want to give your clients closure rather than coping mechanisms then Rewind is the way forward - Dr David Muss

Thanks to the power of Internet & Social Media, it is my pleasure to provide additional information on the roots of the “Rewind Technique.”  Dr. David Muss wrote the following to me on this day.

“Actually I would appreciate correcting your data. I am the one who refined the technique into the Rewind Technique and gave its name. See the article in which this was published back in 1992 on Little known “Rewind Technique” getting more attention to treat PTSD!
Please refer back to my above previously posted link on “Rewind.”  Since publishing my book in November 2011, and becoming totally focused on the cause of PTSD awareness, my level of knowledge has increased exponentially.  I credit mental health professionals like Dr. David Muss who have taken the time to follow my website and blog postings, especially those who have been kind enough to order my book and learn from a real life case study of a post WWII family living and coping with PTSD for decades without any knowledge or treatment solutions.  To say the least we didn’t do a very good job!  I often wonder and dream about how life in our family would have been if we only knew more about the subject following WWII when my Dad, Vernon, returned from 66 months of extended combat duty before and during all of WWII.  The information available today and all the treatment solutions represent a true gift to society.  Mitigating the effects of moral injury and PTSD in life after war is and always will be an enormous challenge.  And the worst of it without treatment transfers to family members and loved ones who take on the same symptoms of PTSD and often require life-long treatment to live a healthy, happy, and productive life…
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Reconciliation: A Son’s Story
david muss
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