Don’t pass up an opportunity to hire enthusiastic and passionate veterans who become highly skilled while serving America…

by | Aug 19, 2013

Gary Sinise Interview Video Clip

Vietnam taught us how NOT to treat warriors when they return home…  Click and listen to video clip…

The Gary Sinise Foundation and the Get Skills to Work… collaboration with GE is a good example of keeping the focus on veterans returning home to life after war.  Just because the wars are winding down and the media is taking its attention off the challenges of veterans readjusting to civilian life and finding jobs, employers should not take their attention off the value proposition of hiring highly skilled veterans.   I was very fortunate when returning home following my US Navy experience in 1965.  My vocational training to become a Radioman was the very best.  These skills and the passion to get involved in the evolution of information technology in the early days allowed me to start my career with the Western Union Telegraph Company.  Western Union launched the first domestic telecommunications satellite, Westar I in the early 70’s.  Western Union helped start the technology boom of a global telecommunications system from space without the need for long distance landlines or undersea cables.  This first step was the beginning of the “digital age” and cost effective electronics starting a technology revolution that continues into the 21st Century…

We are still experiencing huge growth in the information technology business, especially with “cloud” computing, website development and social media.  Thousands of veterans are trained in the many skill sets involving hardware, software, network management, technical services and engineering support while in the Armed Forces.  Veterans bring 100’s of other skills and leadership qualities to the workplace.  Many start their careers early and enter college while in the service.  Veterans are often “workforce ready” when they return home.

I am reminded each day of being blessed so long ago by receiving the opportunity to start my career in the information technology business.  Every veteran should be at the beginning of the line for employment consideration when they are close to being separated honorably from the Armed Forces of America.  We owe so much to the veterans of all wars.  The least we can do is to make it a priority as employers to bring them back to the workplace and help them make a happy, healthy, and productive transition to life after war…  I know from my own experience that going right to work using my fresh new skills from the US Navy changed my life forever… 

Steve Sparks
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