Do Sick People Tend to Make Sick People Sicker?

by | Dec 30, 2021

Mental Health First USA awareness… “ALGEE Bear”

Sammy, the nurse, told me today, while visiting the ER, “it’s okay to be fucked up at 75, Mr. Sparks.” I appreciated that. Made me feel pretty good, actually…

On another matter, I have come to believe sickness in my life, especially as I get older, is essential to understanding that increasingly sick circumstances in families create even more sickness among loved ones.

Therefore, the title of this post, “Do Sick People Tend to Make Sick People Sicker?”

All too often emotionally challenged folks, like me, especially loved ones, make each other sicker not better. Have you noticed that?

Now, I’m reminded of my Mental Health 1st Aid USA training. This is where awareness of emotional challenges and mental health pays off big time.

Here’s why. If you and your partner recognize symptoms of anxiety and depression, you are far more likely to help each other get better faster, and stay better, especially if your 70 somethings like us…

When more awareness becomes center stage, empathy and compassion takes the lead, while self serving behaviors take a back seat. Sick people without mental health awareness tend to make others in their circle of loved ones sicker, especially if they aren’t trained up for awareness of the symptoms…

I’d check out this website on Mental Health First Aid USA, and make friends with ALGEE Bear. You won’t be disappointed. Algee Bear is my best friend when the going gets tough…

Go here…

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