Did Sonora’s Hohocam Indians Develop Social Media First c300 BC?

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Social Media 300BC

It was the early Native American sketchings of the Sonora in the White Tank range that caught my eye recently. It was here, I believe now, where “Facebook” was first introduced in 300BC.

“Facebook” post archived forever on stone.

Hokomo’s social media platform

Maybe the Hohocams had it right. They stuck to their hearts and souls. Their sketchings show us the way. The patterns represent truth about life as a community.

These natives communities with love and kindness loop as a community in lots of different ways we 21st Century folks wish we could again as humans. The Hohocam and other friendly tribes had strong ties, I believe. No red or blue hats, only colors of peace and love.

Sure, there were warring tribes. The Hohocams protected their lands just like us. They were not perfect by a long shot.

I believe the difference between then and now social media is truth. There was never anyway to not tell the truth in the early days without grave consequences.

Social media in the the 21st Century information age teaches us to accept what we hear and see without question or consequences. Wow! Accepting this reality goes beyond my capacity to go figure?

Hope you can “go figure” as I have tried to do at a loss. It’s critical for the modern world to acknowledge this reality as a community, and start to fix it now.

The consequences of standing still and complacent will surely impact your children. Maybe we should think about them.

I’ll be contemplating these questions and more when getting with my Hohocam friends for a Pow Wow/smoke, tea ‘n chat soon. More later…

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