Steve Sparks, Depoe Bay Candidate for City Council, Position 5, had no previous knowledge or involvement with the write-in campaign flyer…

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City of Depoe Bay, Oregon… Private write-in campaign flyer mailed to residents of Depoe Bay… Quotes and photos taken from the Lincoln County News – On-line…Click photos for larger view.

Quote from on October 17, 2014…

‘Voter “flyer” developed and mailed by City Councilor Barbara Leff in which whose name appears as a write in for Mayor. The “flyer” also contains three “potential” write in names, including current City Councilors Barbara Leff and Dorinda Goddard, both of whom declined to file for re-election. Also the name of Fred Robison, whose family is a household name around town.

Quote from Barbara Leff…

 ‘When asked why there was no suggested write-in name under candidate Steve Sparks for city council, Leff offered only, “We think he’s a good guy.”


Discovering the subject write-in campaign flyer came as a complete surprise to me!  It was highly troublesome after looking at the flyer and reading the document to see that the appearance of my name on this document strongly suggests that I had direct knowledge and involvement, including a supportive role in this write-in campaign.  Let me make it perfectly clear… that during my campaign, I have presented a platform of “Community Building and Vitality” (click the highlighted text for my recent article published in this blog).  I have often expressed my desire to stay clear of the typical nasty and disturbing politics of Depoe Bay, Oregon.  My goal during the campaign is to become informed by getting engaged in the City of Depoe Bay with the hope of hitting the ground running when sworn in January 2015…a fresh and independent start as a new councilor is my heartfelt desire… Barbara Leff apologized to me on the phone this week for inadvertently including my name on the sample ballot.  I accept her apology, and respect her honesty.  I am also a strong believer in the democratic process and have no problem with a voter’s right to submit a write-in candidate. Please help me spread the word to help clear up any confusion or question voters may have about the write-in campaign.  I stand alone as a candidate for Depoe Bay City Councilor, Position 5.  I am not connected with the write in campaign proposed in the above flyer, and wish to remain neutral on all past Depoe Bay politics.  It is a new day in Depoe Bay!  If elected. I will be honored to have the opportunity to serve the citizens of Depoe Bay for the next four years.

Steve Sparks, Candidate for City Councilor, Position 5, City of Depoe Bay, Oregon


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