Diversity, Inclusion, & Equity Statement

CFLAT (Children and Families in Life After Trauma) adheres to using the anti-racist lens in our approach to trauma-informed care. This is a way to ensure that all other inequities and oppressions and their intersections are included in the work being done to aid in the healing of all marginalized groups.

We believe that when trauma informed care is done appropriately it will stand on the principles of equity bringing forth the possibility of healing and the inclusiveness of all identities. We acknowledge, with gratitude and appreciation, the native and indigenous land that we reside on through honoring the truth of the pain brought forth through colonization while being mindful of the pervasive and continuous traumas of the present. It is most important to acknowledge and honor the ancestors of this region. Because of the sacrifices they were forced to endure, we are able to be here with one another.

CFLAT works with all organizations and agencies to create systematic changes to alleviate and reduce the recurrence of trauma experienced from policies and procedures that perpetuate inequities. As a hub of trauma informed care, we seek to recognize historical and current disparities and for us to do this work effectively, we must first acknowledge that culturally specific organizations have been serving communities from a trauma informed lens for ages.

Our mission is to elevate those voices and always strive to center people of color and marginalized populations within the state we are committed to serve. We believe that trauma informed care cannot occur authentically without the integration of equitable practices and the inclusion of all.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact: stevesparks@wavecable.com

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