Daryl, Daryle & Dimple Dot The Barn Kitties at Roddy Ranch…

by | May 28, 2022

Daryl, Daryle, or Dimple Dot? I don’t know.

Mary Beth Roddy knows each of the Barn Kitties well, and loves them all the same. Daryl ‘n Daryle are twinsies, I’m told. Dimple Dot seems like the most independent, while Daryl follows. Daryle is a no show mostly, not sure why.

Maybe Daryle thinks Daryl will carry his day for him. He’s bashful and a little scared mostly. Maybe he’s happy the way he is. It’s okay to be who you are, your truth, no one else. Be you.

Barn kitties are special. I know these three furry loved ones add so much to Roddy Ranch, and me too. I watch Dimple Dot stake out his clan’s territory to make sure all is well.

We met Dimple Dot when we first arrived while visiting with Chigger and Goldbar. He came out and greeted us as we visited our new furry friends, Chigger and Goldbar.

I think Daryle came out of his safe place to visit with us after Daryl gave the okay. Then, he raced back to his spot near the Hay stack. Dimple Dot stayed with us as we all stood around the barn and horse stables.

After Dimple Dot showed us around his beautiful home among the horses she loves. We could tell it was time to go when she looked back at us and smiled. She walked slowly back to be with Daryl ‘n Daryle, her twinsie siblings who hold her dear.

It’s another beautiful day at Roddy Ranch…

Mary Beth & Dan with Chigger

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