D-Day Remembered As Hitler’s War On Europe…

by | Jun 6, 2022



Putin’s War looks like Hitler’s War to me…


“Like Hitler, Putin has amassed unquestionable power in Russia, wiped out political opposition with little to no check on his regime and its use of military force or other hybrid tools to brutally carve out and illegally conquer territory in surrounding nations.”

Putin will meet the same fate as Hitler, I believe. The world will never forget D-Day or Pearl Harbor. Maybe there was a lapse of memory from all the disinformation and misinformation in recent years, that still boggles the mind.

Putin doesn’t get the power of freedom, no doubt. Love is freedom. Those who love, not hate, win over evil. He’ll be remembered as just another hated dictator and ruthless killer, a human being without a moral compass just like Hitler.

Let freedom ring on D-Day and everyday…


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