“Cupcakes for PTSD” In memory of those who lost the battle to PTSD

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Kacey & Chad Eppinette  “In Loving Memory of Chad”


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I made this video for my husband. He was a veteran and served two tours in Iraq , received a Purple Heart. He battled PTSD for years after his service, in July of 2011 he lost his fight. one of my husbands favorite quotes was Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum. It means if you want peace, prepare for war. This is so true he fought a battle everyday, fighting for his inner peace in a war he never came home from. My husband was featured in a documentary soon to be released by Code of Support called Profiles In Service, it takes a nation. I hope he has the peace he so desperately sought. I love you.


https://www.facebook.com/kacey.eppinette/posts/3990865611928  Quote from this Facebook site…

“Ok, after we have worked on shipping and we have test baked items and prepackaged them and weighed them and worked out exact prices to ship. We have decided that shipping items this year is unfortunately not going to be an option. 🙁 Because as Renea previously posted after we cover shipping and cost to make the items we will be dividing up 1.25 per family. We only have until the 14th of December to raise the money and collect the donations to provide for these families. With us being under such short time restraints we will not be able to work out alternate arrangements for shipping.
We really do wish we could do this. We never expected this page to become such a huge success and never thought about reaching people out of state. This is so amazing to us. We have talked about picking up sales throughout the year on various holidays for donations to organizations. Getting all the support and help from people so far away has really encouraged us and gave us the confidence that we can get so much bigger than this. We appreciate all the support we have gotten from everyone but unfortunately this year we will not be able to pull the shipping off on such a short notice, but please know we did try and we agreed we would definitely start working on plans for shipping next year.
If you would like to donate items or funds please let us know. But even if you decide not to donate anything the support we have gotten is enough. Thank you guys. ♥- Kacey and Renea”
We don’t hear enough about those who eventually lose the battle to the painful symptoms of PTSD; and the loved ones who move forward, heal, and make a difference for others.  Learn more about Sgt. Chad Eppinette by clicking the above YouTube video and song.  His sister, Kacey, family and friends keep his memory alive by helping selected families during the Holiday Season, the most painful time of the year when those you love are gone…  Find it in your heart to support “Cupcakes for PTSD” https://www.facebook.com/CupcakesForPtsd
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