Conversations with Simba… The early mornin’ greeting…

by | Jan 28, 2021

Every mornin’ same time….around 620am exactly, Simba kisses my nose. His little cute nose is cold and feels wet. It’s a gentle and loving nudge, so to speak.

Then, Simba starts to nudge me, in a kind way, not to make me anxious. Loud meowing and whining about stuff doesn’t work very well with me.

Simba knows. For his soul tells him so. He is kind and loving always. He makes me smile.

Simba paws at my hand and nudges me more aggressively. This is his request for a scratch and rub, maybe 20 seconds max.

Simba whispers and speaks softly in my ear. I think Simba loves me too.

Sadly, Simba lost his claws as a kitten. I can’t even imagine how awful it would be to not have toe nails…

Simba forgave me long ago for doing that.. We’ve been pals for 17 years now… I still feel guilty about it and would never do that to a kitty never again, ever…

Simba knows I love him too. We’ve been through many battles of heart and soul. He’s always with us no matter what…

Simba finally feels safe to jump out of bed after all the warm fuzzy stuff. He stands at attention and meows loudly at me. It’s that whiny ol’ pushy stuff that gets to me the most.

Simba is ready for his breakfast 630a sharp. He knows how to get me up and into the kitchen without too much delay.

The most important team effort each afternoon is the the kitty liter box. Simba demands cleanliness in his home, “no excuses,” he tells me each and every day…

Simba is really running the show in our home. He trained us up for the job long ago.

Through all of it, Simba shows his love and kindness everyday. He knows we are on this journey together as a family.

Simba lives in our hearts and souls forever… His love is truly a gift of healing indeed…

Steve Sparks, Author, Blogger, Mental Health Advocate

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