Conquering Fears in 10 Ways…

by | Feb 7, 2022

  1. Embrace Fear… I never knew until later in life that it was okay to be vulnerable about fear. I bottle up fear and kept it in storage far too long. I was told to “man up! That’s a bad idea. Embracing fear is conquering fear.
  2. Don’t React… Punching some jerk in the nose may not be a good idea. That’s what I love to do, get back, push back in a mean & nasty way. Doesn’t work, ever. Wait ‘n see the nasty first.
  3. Say the fear… Instead of cussing yelling, hollering, pissing ‘n moaning, say, “she was really mean to me!”
  4. Forward Think… Always get away from the fire, or you will be burned.
  5. Awareness… Study & talk to others, learn about the roots of fear.
  6. Prepare, Practice, Execute… Role play & talk to your friends and colleagues you trust. Who have empathy & compassion.
  7. Peer Support… This is my favorite. Be transparent with people you trust, including family members, if possible.
  8. Visually Experience Success… “Be sure to think a good day, plan a good day, put good into each day.” Gene Sharratt
  9. Gain Perspective… With awareness one gains a view of the better side of things feared. Conquer fear by embracing the opportunity of fear.
  10. Help is Good… Most importantly, don’t ever be embarrassed, ashamed or guilty of fears. Ask for help, don’t ever hesitate. Most people are open to helping others with kindness & love ❤️

I believe now, finally, that these are the ways to kick fear in the ass. Send fears packing. Empty the overflowing dumpster. New dreams will appear. Old fears disappear…

Steve & Judy Sparks Children and Families in Life After Trauma (CFLAT)

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