Cibola – early morning hike, Sonora Desert…and reconnecting with family…

by | Oct 1, 2012

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The balmy breeze at 730am and lower temperature is perfect for hiking in the desert.  We were on a walk yesterday later in the morning, much too late.  We are enjoying the contrast of the Sonora after spending two weeks at elevations up to 10,000 feet in Zion & Bryce.  I have always loved the Sonora Desert anytime of the year, especially in the Spring when flowers are in full bloom.  

We drove through Wickenburg, Arizona on the way to Phoenix.  Wickenburg was the spot for an Action Communications Systems President’s Club award trip long ago.  I remember it well.  My oldest daughter, Deanna, came with me on the adventure.  It was just the two of us for some great bonding time together.  It was fun sharing the benefits of hard work and success with Deanna during the early days of my career in the telecommunications business.  Deanna was age 15 at the time and my bet is she thought it was pretty cool to hang out with Dad  for a week in the desert.  She was able to meet my team members and their families at the time.  It was a joy for me to include Deanna on this memorable trip so long ago.

My cousin, Frank Devine Jr. and his wife Mary, are coming by for a visit later.  This is a big deal!  Last time I was with “Frankie” was over 50 years ago!!  Talk about reconnecting and reunions later in life, this is a big winner.  I’ll also meet another cousin, Robin Coenen, tomorrow at a planned  family reunion picnic nearby.  Robin was just a toddler when I remember seeing her the last time long ago.  It will be a real treat and a deeply personal experience to see both cousins and  meet their family members for the first time.  This rare chance to circle back and reconnect with my family has been a result of writing my book, and the power of social media technology, including daughter, Bianca, moving to Minnesota two years ago.  I have fond memories of  all my cousins as a child in St. Paul, where both parents and their families have strong roots.  Judy and I are planning a visit to Minnesota next year in early June for grand daughter Jordan’s high school graduation and extended visit to reconnect with my family.   As Judy always tells me, “none of this is a coincidence.” 

Go to the Cibola Resort & Spa website above and learn more about this beautiful area…

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