Christmas in Destin, Florida…Join us at the Destin Christmas Boat Parade…

by | Dec 12, 2012

Destin, Florida Christmas Boat Parade


We would not miss the famous Destin, Florida Christmas Boat Parade!  AJ’s Seafood & Oyster Bar right on the harbor provided the best view…  Sarah’s boldness found us a great seat while we ignored the “Wait to be Seated” sign.  The fireworks show at the end was a real treat as well.

Destin is one of our final stops along this amazing journey beginning in September.  Having daughter, Sarah, join us right now toward the end of our trip makes up for not being home at Christmas.  This will be our special family Christmas a little earlier.  We are delighted to share our blessings with the rest of our loving family and friends via cyberspace.   We miss you all dearly! 

Judy and I are very grateful for the opportunity to take off on an extended road trip this year following her retirement from the early childhood special education career she loved for so many years.  This is the first time together without a schedule or an exact time to return.  We have branded our travel adventure as the “Freedom Journey.”  We have experienced so many beautiful places on this trip, and most importantly, renewed our love for each other and life.   We have learned much more about the personal challenges of so many, especially those who suffer from the symptoms of moral injury and PTSD.   During this time we have met wonderful new friends, connected with old friends and family we have not seen in many years.  We have been personally touched by the the stories, conversations, and the gift of sharing my own family story through my book and this blog.

We wish all of our extended family and friends the blessings of this Holiday Season, and safe travels.

Steve Sparks
Reconciliation: A Son’s Story


Steve & Judy at AJ’s…
Sarah, Steve, & Judy at Destin Christmas Boat Parade

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