Christal Presley, Author, “30 Days With My Father…” breaks the glass ceiling for children and families of warriors! Don’t miss CBS Sunday Morning this Sunday…tomorrow…March 16th 9am EDT

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Christal Presley, Teacher, Writer and Daughter of a Veteran
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CBS Sunday Morning March 16, 2013 Preview  Quote from this website article…

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COVER STORY: Collateral damage: The mental health issues facing children of veterans…
“We’ve all seen the heartwarming videos: a child in a classroom or at a sporting event surprised by the unexpected homecoming of a parent who has been serving in the military overseas. The child rushes into the parent’s arms, crying tears of joy.
But what those videos don’t capture are the months and years of struggle that follow as many of those families try to regain some sense of normalcy following years of war and separation.
Martha Teichner looks at the toll that war takes not just on our warriors, but on warriors’ children.”
Our Military Kids…  click on this website resource for military families…
Did you know 4 out of 5 children of Reservists have increased anxiety during a deployment? A parent serving in a war zone is stressful. The same can be said for children coping with a parent’s recovery from severe injury sustained while serving. For both, grants from Our Military Kids ease stress by paying for participation in sports, fine arts, and tutoring programs. Approximately 95 cents of every dollar you donate directly supports a child.

I just posted the other day about Christal Presley’s interview on Canada TV CNN…  But the bigger news is Christal’s story and the subject of children of warriors will be presented on CBS Sunday Morning…tomorrow…so don’t miss it!  

Until now, the children of warriors have not had a big voice on the challenges of coping with a parent’s recovery from combat stress and PTSD.  We know so much more today about combat stress and moral injury than during and after WWII, Korean War, and Vietnam War.  We now know that children and families, the caregivers of warriors who return home injured, are often afflicted by the same symptoms of PTSD with extended exposure to the suffering parent and combat veteran.  In my day as a post WWII child, we had no knowledge of PTSD and life after war.  We had to “suck it up” as a family, live and cope the best we could, and often with life long emotional baggage carried forward into adulthood.   Military families whose parents served in combat had little or no guidance in treatment strategies for PTSD. Most often we were silent and scared to discuss the toxic circumstances of growing up in a home of a parent suffering with PTSD.  Thousand of families over the years have been torn apart by war, including my family…

It is time to break the silence of the families and children of warriors. Please watch the popular CBS Sunday Morning show tomorrow at 9am EDT.   Awareness is the first step in the journey of healing.  Don’t miss this rare opportunity to see and hear directly from Christal Presley, and her family on how they finally came to terms with life after war and their own path of healing…

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