“Children of veterans of all wars need a place to tell their stories…” Christal Presley… Kids need to talk to their parents and learn about the emotional pain of war…

by | Mar 14, 2014

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Christal Presley as a toddler…
Christal Presley PhD, Writer, Teacher, Daughter of a Veteran

Christal Presley on Canada TV and CNN…Inter-generational PTSD…  Click on this powerful video clip interview!  Order Christal Presley’s book, 30 Days With My Father…


As the aging child of a WWII and Korean War US Navy combat veteran, I was moved by this interview with colleague and friend Christal Presley.  I found Christal’s website, United Children of Veterans 3 years ago while doing research on my book.  I was just then, at the prime age of 64, learning how the symptoms of PTSD in combat veterans returning home from war after long deployments, affected the entire family, especially children.  Kids typically remain scared and silent when parents behave in the toxic ways that add up to anger, anxiety, depression, and often emotional neglect and abuse of loved ones.  My family was completely torn apart following WWII, and to this day we either open up and heal in healthy ways, or keep it bottled up inside and afflicted with secondary PTSD or worse yet Complex PTSD.   My favorite quote by Maya Angelou, “There is no greater pain than bearing an untold story inside of you,” sums it up for me. 

Before becoming aware of PTSD and my own painful childhood, then writing my first book and this blog, I was in emotional pain most of my life.  The painful knot in my gut is now gone for good from sharing my story.  I am blessed and grateful for achieving peace of mind and happiness for the first time in my life.  Even loved ones, especially my wife, Judy, and close friends have noticed a remarkable positive transformation in my disposition the last 3 years.  Thank you, Christal Presley,  for helping me as one of the thousands of children of veterans of all wars, to find “a place to tell their stories…”

Steve Sparks
Reconciliation: A Son’s Story
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