Children of parents who struggle with the effects of long deployments are at risk of bullying or being bullied!

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What Causes a Child to Become a Bully?

“Although certainly not all bullying stems from family problems, it’s a good idea to examine the behavior and personal interactions your child witnesses at home. If your child lives with taunting or name-calling from a sibling or from you or another parent, it could be prompting aggressive or hurtful behavior outside the home. What may seem like innocent teasing at home may actually model bullying behaviors. Children who are on the receiving end of it learn that bullying can translate into control over children they perceive as weak.”

I am so often reminded of my military family childhood with the constant news regarding bullying in schools.  The risk is higher for military families because they move around frequently and/or parents are deployed for extended periods, including being challenged with moral injury and PTSD.  I was the kid at the receiving end of bullies.  My brothers were inclined to be bullies themselves to vent their anger from living in a toxic home culture.  My brothers came to my rescue for the most part, but they loved to fight with other kids anyway.  We were all outcasts…  We changed schools often, and were never able to bond with friends for any extended period of time.   My parents never trusted anyone so our friendships were at the surface for the most part.  We didn’t invite other kids over to our home because of the risk of being embarrassed by unpredictable behaviors.  As parents, we now have much more awareness and information.  Kids can’t as easily get away with bullying.  But military families need to be proactive with kids in school and listen to them.  Get involved to help stop bullying.  Go to the Healthy Place website above and learn more about bullying.  Don’t let your kids struggle with this problem without support from home, and appropriate intervention where and when needed.

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