Child Abuse Awareness…Protect kids from lifelong emotional damage and even early death!

by | Sep 12, 2013

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Report Child Abuse…and protect kids from lifelong emotional damage and even early death…  click on this site and read more…

“So many people do not realize how many Children are abused. And too many people turn their head when they see it.  Child abuse comes in many forms. Physical. Mental. Molestation. Rape. Neglect. Help these Children. Don’t wait. It may be too late!!!”

I am moved to write each day by triggers both positive and sometimes negative.  But always in writing this blog, it is both healing and constructive to make a difference by helping others become more aware of circumstances and consequences of life after trauma…  I hate to see the words “child abuse.”  In a recent blog post, it was easier to use “emotional neglect,” which is most often the root of a child’s experience in a toxic home.  I do prefer to write about solutions and actions we can take to prevent emotional neglect and the consequence of child abuse, however.  I have done so many times, including recently in a post entitled “What does it take for traumatized kids to thrive?”  In this post the following reference was included to start the discussion.


Helping traumatized kids survive and thrive in schools… Quote from this website article…

“THE PAST 10 YEARS or so have seen an explosion of academic interest in what scientists call the non-cognitive aspects of what it takes to become a thriving, successful person. In particular, a growing stream of research has begun to investigate how adversity—either acute trauma or the chronic, toxic stress of a harsh environment—affects the developing brain, and why some young minds exhibit resilience in the face of such adversity, while others do not. Last year, the best-selling book How Children Succeed by Paul Toughbrought popular buzz to the emerging field, inspiring columns by David Brooks in The New York Times and discussions on national radio and TV. In February, the Department of Education issued a report titled “Promoting Grit, Tenacity, and Perseverance,” on some of the non-cognitive skills being discussed by an increasing number of researchers.”


 I now use the above chart as a reference during most talks and book signings or forums discussing how PTSD affects a family as a whole, especially children.  Although peace of mind from my own childhood experience in a toxic home is mostly present, it is still a work in progress.  At age 67 the flashbacks and pain from long ago, “the too terrible to remember 50’s,” rears an ugly head…  But the journey of healing begins with awareness of these past events and understanding the root causes.  We are much better equipped to heal and thrive as kids and adults when we can engage and put experiences in perspective.  We can learn, grow, survive, and thrive and make the best of the gifts we have in life and appreciate the love of family and friends. 

If you are more aware of the circumstances and symptoms of child abuse or emotional neglect, you can make a difference in helping kids “thrive” in spite of the challenges of living in a toxic home.  As an adult take opportunities to mentor and support kids you know in your own community, or in helping parents in constructive ways to do a better job at home…  And, please report child abuse!

Steve Sparks
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