Changing Up My Game Is A Life Saver!

by | Jan 23, 2024

Sonora blooms…

  • Create a Sense of Purpose. …
  • Recognize and Treat Signs of Depression. …
  • Find Usefulness in Daily Tasks. …
  • Make Connections to Improve Quality of Life for Seniors. …
  • Stay in Physical Motion. …
  • Stay in Mental Motion. …
  • Look for Opportunities for Senior Service.


“No matter a person’s age, we need a sense of purpose, of belonging, and of being valued. Senior adults are often dismissed as no longer having as much to offer as they did when they were younger, and unfortunately, this attitude becomes adopted by the seniors themselves. Seniors have a lot to give in terms of knowledge, love, and creativity, but they have to feel they are respected and involved to share with others.”


Chronic depression and anxiety can kill you, believe me. It comes on slowly and builds over time to horrific pain both physically and mentally.

Depression can be a very serious medical issue, and must be treated. Otherwise, there is too high of a risk of suicides, and all kinds of ailments connected to minds and souls.

Treatment must be taken seriously. A once healthy body and mind all too often deteriorates to a state of a death wish, only to stop the horrible pain.

Purposeful daily tasks

Structure and a plan with outcomes is a good thing. Knowing and tracking the results of your action plan can be great fun and rewarding too.

Now that my health is improving, staying on track and committed is a big deal. I walk a mile each morning with one pit stop. Early is the best time to stay cool.

Then it’s pool time for a good swim and chat with friends who love to laugh and smile. Next, in the coming weeks, my golf game is on the priority list, starting with putting ‘n chipping.

In between, my creative side kicks in with new inspirations from the Sonora. Quiet time for me is writing right here for us to learn together.

Staying physically & mentally In-motion

Finding purpose is critical to a healthy life, especially in retirement. Equally important is to stay in-motion as much as possible, depending on individual needs and health.

When the climate is consistently agreeable, like it is for me here in the Sonora, staying outdoors and engaged with others is a gift to me. The pool, a short Golf Cart ride to the RecCtr, making a hot afternoon cool in the shade.

Networking & making friends…

Connecting in healthy ways with like-minded folks makes a huge difference in maintaining a healthy mind, and body. Making new friends to chat and bond with is food for the soul.

We go to the RecCtr each day to chat with friends, mostly in the pool where stays cool in the shade all day long. These are folks who seem to come here to retire for the same reasons we did. Believe me, it feels like a good stop on the last mile to Heaven.

Community building…

Community service was my second career after retiring from a long career in IT sales and marketing. Serving others, especially in building healthy communities was both rewarding and hard work at the same time

.Volunteers represent the greatest asset in local communities with HOAs, I believe. Helping your community grow as a stakeholder can be one of the most rewarding experiences ever.

Living in place, or dying in place?

Think a moment about living in place. Think again about dying in place. It means to me that living in the moment is living in place.

Dying in place means to me that each day is distracted by thoughts and preparation for dying, not living. Living each day in that moment brings a peace of mind that is both joyful and healthy for a long life.

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Steve Sparks is a retired information technology sales and marketing executive with over 35 years of industry experience, including a Bachelors’ in Management from St. Mary’s College. His creative outlet is as a non-fiction author, writing about his roots as a post-WWII US Navy military child growing up in the 1950s-1960s.
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