Celebrating Democracy with Military and 1st Responder Families of America…

by | Dec 6, 2020

On Pearl Harbor Day…

I’ve been so inspired of late, for more than one reason. The events of last 4 years, this year especially, have moved my heart and soul like no other time in my 74 years. 

I just completed a series of stories with YouTube audio 5-10 minute most.

I couldn’t believe doing 15 editions over 2 weeks since Veterans Day! Wow!

I was walking with my family through this period. I felt my parent’s souls and hearts beating fast with anxiety, fear, hope, and love ? 

Do you feel it with me?

I cried along with them. And I heal…

I cried my eyes out writing about my family’s roots in America starting around 1900.

The Schaub’s, Fierheisen’s, Antonson’s and Sparks, gathered at Ellis Island in 1900 to start a new life in America.

Ellis Island

All were so proud and excited as immigrants from Europe back then in 1900.

My family’s legacy was born then….

I ask myself often lately these questions.

Have we forgotten America’s promise?
Have we forgotten the meaning of freedom and democracy? 

Do we really know sacrifice and suffering as our parents and grand parents experienced through pandemics, wars, more wars, great depression?  And God knows what else!

Do our kids, grand children and great grand children know about any of this? 

Do kids K-12 learn about democracy in America in the 20th Century? WWI, Great Depression, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Gulf War? And so many other events of social and civil unrest?

What do we know in the 21st Century except greed and what we hear and see on TikTok? This scary thought and question doesn’t play well in my mind.

Have we forgotten America’s promise? 

My answer is a very loud and screaming, YES! I believe so, sadly…

But what can we and are doing about it? 

So, I was moved to write a series of stories from Veterans Day to Pearl Harbor Day 2020, just concluded.

I will pick this up again and hit the South Pacific with my father as he sailed off aboard the USS Bellegrove LSD2 in Feb1943. I’m going with him on each of the 8 campaigns from 1943 to June 1945 when WWII. 

I have 10 years of research to help me write the stories with true events. I did this in this Pearl Harbor Day “Celebrating Democracy with Steve Sparks” presentation.

I believe these stories need to be told now more than ever. I also know there are thousands of stories out there to be shared by our generation.

I keep thinking of a collaborative effort, including ebook series of short stories. Readers will want to return for more of this powerful history. We can tell the stories.



Steve Sparks, Author, USN vet 1963-1965

c1943 USS San Francisco
Vernon H Sparks BMC, US Navy 1918-1998…

Pearl Harbor Survivor

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Steve Sparks is a retired information technology sales and marketing executive with over 35 years of industry experience, including a Bachelors’ in Management from St. Mary’s College. His creative outlet is as a non-fiction author, writing about his roots as a post-WWII US Navy military child growing up in the 1950s-1960s.
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