Celebrate Democracy on Veterans Day

by | Nov 9, 2020


Vernon H Sparks, coxswain, USS West Virginia (BB48) Pearl Harbor 1941

Vernon Sparks USS West Virginia BB48 1941

Biblical Teaching Moment in History??? It’s up to you! It’s up to all of us!

I was asked if this moment during the last 5 years felt biblical… “Pearl Harbor” comes to mind for deeply personal feelings. My response…

Wow! Think about what all the good and decent peoples of the world have endured during this stressful and uncertain time. Seems surreal to me. You know, biblical stuff? Seriously, ‘Ten Commandments’ deeply held moral values and convictions.

A big yes! This is really big folks! A huge metaphor. Eye opener. Wow! Aha moment!

Don’t let your kids grow up without a good dose of this time in history. They will thank you, as I have thanked my father. My father, Vernon H. Sparks is my hero and yours too. My pop faught for all of us not just some of us.

Dad made it home thanks to God, love for America and the hopes and dreams of his family. My dad, like millions of dads survived Pearl Harbor and wars in Europe and Pacific fighting for America’s promise and for freedom around the world.

My dad is smiling with his shipmates right now. He joined them after he passed away in 1998. My dad, like 10s of millions of warriors from all modern wars saved your “tired old asses.” My father, Vernon, would say that…. Among other things the ol’ bos’n would say.

Learn from this! We never forget Pearl Harbor. We should never ever forget how we almost lost the sacred right to vote in 2020.

Check in with your moms and pops and talk to them. Talk to your subconscious angels. Reach out and celebrate Democracy!

Did I really write this just now? My heart is hopeful! Our children and their children’s kids will be proud that we fought for democracy, just like our forefathers…

Now cry happy tears with your loved ones. Celebrate America’s promise!

Steve Sparks, US Navy vet 1965 Pearl Harbor. Author. Community Building Activist…

Celebrating America’s Promise with Steve Sparks

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