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Children’s Trust of MA is a Gift for Children & Families…Protect & Preserve the Journey of Childhood…


The Gift of a Smile from your Child…

about the children’s trust

The Children’s Trust is Massachusetts’ leading family support organization. We strengthen the Commonwealth by funding and managing parenting support programs designed to help families raise physically and emotionally healthy children.

With support from the Children’s Trust, young children across Massachusetts can grow up in nurturing families and communities, healthy and ready to succeed.


I signed up to receive daily Twitter messages on my smartphone from in 2011 when my first book, Reconciliation: A Son’s Story, was published by Signalman Publishing.  It was at this time that my life changed forever.  My own journey of healing in life after trauma kicked in like no other time in my life!

Since then, the daily Tweets, including the above “Childhood is a Journey” graphic, come to me from @trust4kids as an instant reminder of why it is critical for parents, teachers, and mentors to give the gift of childhood to our kids from the very moment of birth, especially in those early years to age 6.  The research and practical experience shows that after age 6, children have a wired framework for moral values.  Once a kid reaches age 6 and beyond, changing behaviors from a toxic world to a healthy disposition is a retrofit challenge for a very long time…  In my case, it took 64 years of my life to labor through depression, anxiety, and anger to achieve a lasting peace of mind.

In addition to robust social media resources, local early childhood and after-school or out-of-school programs like Neighbors for Kids in Depoe Bay, Oregon help children and families build a healthy kick-start for kids.  My work and passion in life is advocacy for the healthy minds and bodies of children.  Give your child the gift of peace of mind in the beginning by nurturing emotional strength, early learning opportunities, and healthy social interactions with peers and adults.  It definitely takes more than one parent and one family to build a healthy foundation for all children…it is in a healthy community where kids thrive…

Steve Sparks, Author, Reconciliation: A Son’s Story and My Journey of Healing in Life after Trauma, Part 1 & 2…  Click the highlighted text for my author page…


Steve Sparks, Author, Blogger, and Child Advocate

America’s Silent Epidemic… “Childhood lead poisoning is the number one environmental disease in the United States.”

Please support my mission of helping families who suffer from PTSD and moral injury…order my books, My Journey of Healing in Life After Trauma, Part 1… (Kindle $2.99), and Reconciliation: A Son’s Story.  Click and order paperback or download Kindle version.  Buy my book at Barnes & Noble as well… Thank you! Steve Sparks, Author


“Early Brain Development is Simple…”  Deborah McNells @Brain Insights  click on this excellent reference and resource!


Deborah McNells, Author and Early Childhood Brain Development Specialist…

Quote from article by Tamara Rubin. “She is making a full-length documentary about how lead poisoning has such a damaging effect on young children and the struggles of families with children who have been lead poisoned.”

MisLEAD: America’s Silent Epidemic 

Please click above to see the movie trailer.  It is worth checking out!

“Childhood lead poisoning is the number one environmental disease in the United States. The detrimental effects of lead exposure in children have been known for over 100 years. Early research identified high levels of lead as particularly detrimental to children’s intellectual and behavioral development. However, new studies have discovered that lower levels of lead, levels once thought to be safe, also cause considerable damage to children’s developmental outcomes.”


Until now my knowledge of the effects of lead poisoning on the early development of children and young adults was very limited.  In the context of child neglect and abuse, I know quite a bit about how a “toxic” home environment damages the early development of our kids…  Parental responsibility extends to being aware of how invisible environmental toxins affect children and families as well.  I discovered Brain Insights from my daily dose of Children’s Trust of Mass tweets that show up on my smartphone each and every day with reminders about parenting.  Each morning about 6am my smartphone sounds off its alarm…several tweets come in from Trust4Kids.  I am inspired by these daily Tweets that give me ideas and reminders as a child advocate in my work with Neighbors for Kids.  Every parent, teacher, or child advocate with a smartphone would be inspired too by receiving these wonderful and informative short messages to start off your day.  I consider @trust4kids one of the best references and resources to build awareness on the planet!  Sign up for Twitter right now if you haven’t already done so, and follow @trust4kids!  “The Children’s Trust works to strengthen families and support parents as they raise and nurture their children.

Steve Sparks, Author, My Journey of Healing in Life After Trauma, Part 1 and Reconciliation: A Son’s Story…

Vice Chair, Neighbors for Kids, Depoe Bay, Oregon