Merry Christmas Mom! Wish we could be there with you!

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Marcella C. Sparks and Son, Steve… July 2015…


Mother’s 95th Birthday…  Click on this link for more…

I tried to call Mom today, Christmas Eve.  Mom was not talking very well back in July when we visited last, but we had a fun time with her.  Lately, she hasn’t been able to talk on the phone.  Even though mom is near the end of her life, and is not doing that well, we think about her every day and know she is in the loving care of her care-givers at Regent Care Center in Reno, Nevada.

Later in the day Judy and I finally reached Mom via Skype!  We sent Mom lots of hugs and kisses over video…  She couldn’t say much, but we were all together…even sang Jingle Bells!  We’ll try again Christmas morning to see how mom is doing.

Brenda Williams-Humphreys, Mom’s Dear Friend at Regent Care Center, Reno, Nevada

We are very grateful to Brenda for her friendship and the loving care she provides to Mom.  It would not be possible for us to coordinate on-site visits and phone conversations, including Skype, without Brenda.  Brenda keeps us in the loop just like a family member or loved one.  She is always kind, helpful, and joyful.  It is always comforting to know Mom is in a place where she is loved and receiving the very best care….  It is snowing in Reno!

With love and warm wishes; and a Happy New Year

Steve & Judy Sparks, December 24, 2015

Steve Sparks, Author, Blogger, Child Advocate

Honoring Military Spouses and Mothers of Modern Wars…Happy 97th to my Mom, WWII & Korean War…

Marcella C. Sparks, Age 97, US Navy Spouse & Mother WWII & Korean War.  With son, Steve Sparks…
Vernon H. Sparks, BMC, US Navy c1943, USS Belle Grove LSD2


Military Spouses Now & Then… By Dana Bretz Click on this link for more…  Quote…from Military Spouses Advocacy Network…

“Twenty three years later (following WWI), we were preparing for yet another world war and we answered that all too familiar call. The call that your country needs you, and without hesitation spouses gave what their country demanded of them, even on the heels of The Great Depression when times were still tough. Spouses went to work in defense plants and volunteered for many war related organizations such as The Red Cross. Life on the home front was a crucial part of the war effort and had a significant influence on the outcome of this particular war. Spouses, in part, helped supply the fruits of victory. That is where we come from, remember that!”


The photo above of my mother was taken recently while visiting her in Reno, Nevada.  With each visit for so many years now, I couldn’t help asking myself if this was the last time I would see her.  Well, Mom, is turning age 97 this month of September and she is still up and around living her life in the comfortable and caring home of Regent Care Center in Reno, Nevada.

We owe so much to the military spouses and moms of all wars!  “Together we served!”  Without the courageous military spouses of “then and now,” we military kids, including my own boomer generation, would not be here at all.  War weary soldiers and sailors had the hopes and dreams of going home to resume their lives, which gave them the spiritual power and bravery to get through each day, no matter how horrific the circumstances of battle.  We remember and honor the ultimate sacrifice of countless numbers of warriors who didn’t make it home.  Many had children they never met.  It was then and now that the military spouse as a single mom, had to carry on and raise the children who would not have a father.  For those warriors who did come home, the war often came home with them.  It was then and now a double duty to care for a broken warrior as well as raise the children who came before and after the war was over…

Regent Care Center, Reno, Nv

It is with love, privilege and honor to celebrate my mother’s birthday; and her service to America.  Military families serve(d) too!  It was a hard road for my parents and countless couples who came out of the Depression Era to fight for freedom during World War II.  The home front was critical to fighting and winning wars then and now…

Happy Birthday, Mom!  I am counting on our next visit.  The memories of all our visits in recent years are very special…

Steve Sparks, Author, Reconciliation: A Son’s Story and My Journey of Healing in Life after Trauma, Part 1 & 2… Click the highlighted text for my author page…

Steve Sparks, Author, Blogger, and Child Advocate