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Why Do So Many Americans Love The Obama Family?

Steve & Judy Sparks in Stehekin, “Eskimo Kisses”


Why do millions of aging white males like me love the Obama family? Because we feel their soul, the goodness shines through.

A beautiful family, that’s why! This is a POTUS I admire and miss like millions of people like me. Why do so many of us, including aging white males like me who served America proudly with honor and duty during the Vietnam era love the Obama family? My father served too WWII for all of us to protect our freedoms. Why then would I, like millions of Americans of every age, no matter skin color love this family? Why do I love the Obama family? Because they are decent moral and God loving people.

Obama was a leader who loved all of us, not just some of us. Who out there is going to tell us who we are to love? I could go on. I’m so tired of the hateful rhetoric and the trollers who only look for hate…

We love Barack Obama because we feel his soul and trusted him. He was certainly not perfect. I felt his soul… I want to feel the love…