“Fleet of Flowers” on Memorial Day in Depoe Bay, Oregon!

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“Fleet of Flowers” Depoe Bay, Oregon, Memorial Day 2014…click for larger view…
Fleet of Flowers Boat Parade
Honoring the Armed Forces of America on Memorial Day in Depoe Bay, Oregon
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USS Coast Guard Helicopter


Memorial Day Fleet of Flowers…Depoe Bay, Oregon  Quote from this website…

“On Memorial Day, each year since 1945, Depoe Bay has hosted the FLEET OF FLOWERS. This colorful ceremony is recognized as one of the most impressive observances held in the United States. The event was initiated to honor the memories of two fishermen, Roy Bower and John Chambers, who died at sea in an attempt to aid another fisherman.  The Fleet of Flowers is to honor those who have been lost at sea.  The event has grown over the years to include members of the Armed Forces as well as fishermen and firefighters who gave their lives to serve others.”


Although we are not home for the “Fleet of Flowers” every year on Memorial Day, we are there in spirit.  Since moving to the Oregon Coast over 10 years ago, we have come to know the honor bestowed on the legacy of coastal fishermen.  Lives have been lost and saved at sea over many decades either because of the extreme weather conditions at times or in a rescue effort by the US Coast Guard stationed in Depoe Bay and other ports along the Oregon Coast.  Memorial Day is the time for honor and remembrance of those who gave their lives while building Oregon’s fishing industry.  It is also the time to honor the US Coast Guard’s historic role in providing homeland security and protecting the coastal waters of Oregon.  Depoe Bay has a strong presence of the US Coast Guard who serve our community along with the firefighters, emergency medical services, and local police 1st responders.  With great pride, we honor the Armed Forces of America on Memorial Day as well.

The long tradition of the Fleet of Flowers on Memorial Day brings much joy and healing to the community.  We celebrate and honor those who have risked their lives while serving America and all the families who served too…

Steve Sparks, Author, My Journey of Healing in Life After Trauma and Reconciliation: A Son’s Story…

Steve Sparks, Author, Blogger, Child Advocate, and member, Lincoln County Oregon, Mental Health Advisory Committee




On this Memorial Day, remember those who lost their lives for us on the homefront…

Hawthorne, Nevada Veterans Memorial  click for more photos…

Deadly explosion at Nevada’s Hawthorne Army Depot…March 2013!

“We send our prayers and condolences to the families of Marines involved in this tragic incident,” said the 2nd Marine Expeditionary Force commander, Maj. Gen. Raymond C. Fox. “We mourn their loss, and it is with heavy hearts we remember their courage and sacrifice.” Since World War II, when the facility became the staging area for ammunition, bombs and rockets for the war, Hawthorne has held an important place in U.S. military history. The Nevada Division of Environmental Protection said the depot employed more than 5,500 people at its peak. Nevada was chosen for the location because of its remoteness in the wake of a crippling explosion at the government’s main depot in New Jersey in the 1920s.”  Quoted from a Fox News report published on March 19, 2013

“In the small town that calls itself “America’s Patriotic Home” near the depot, a massive flag in a park across from the local war memorial waved at half-staff.”  Huffington Post March 19, 2013


On our way to Las Vegas on Interstate 95, Judy and I stopped for a break and visited the local memorial where the Marines who were killed in the referenced explosion are remembered and honored.  Every day across America in communities large and small there are military installations where men and women train to be the best and to secure vital resources.  There are also 1st responders in the same communities who protect us each and every day.  In both cases the lives of our heroes are at risk, sometimes in accidents or in responding to an emergency incident or crisis.

On this Memorial Day, we remember the fallen who risked their lives in conflicts and wars abroad and also those who serve America to protect us on the home front.  It was an honor to visit the Hawthorne, Nevada Veterans Memorial yesterday and take a moment to be reminded of so very many who have given their lives in service to America..

Steve Sparks, Author, My Journey of Healing in Life After Trauma and Reconciliation: A Son’s Story…

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