Cape Perpetua Soul Food… On my 75th Birthday…

by | Jul 8, 2021

To Liam Skai Fitch, born June 24, 2021, from Grammy ‘n Pops
Liam Skai Fitch made a grand entrance on June 24, 2021

The birth of new grandson, Liam Skai Fitch, was the greatest gift on my 75th Birthday! Liam gives me so much hope and new energy to make a difference for him in these later years of my life…

Liam is truly a blessing at a time when our family needs his pure love and sweetness the most. He will change the world, I know with all my heart and soul…

We will be here to love Liam, support him, and be sure he has the best start in his amazing life to make a difference for others who need him the most…

Liam’s mom and dad, Sarah and Chris, are the strongest and most loving parents he could ever be blessed with. He will be loved and cared for in the very best home, full of kindness and love…

Judy and I drove up to Cape Perpetua on my 75th Birthday to reflect on our loving life together. We will share our blessings and gifts with Liam and his family, by being close to them while he grows up, as long as we can.

Who knows, I can see Liam graduating from High School! I can see him as a young man striking out on his own, pursuing his passion and love for his own hopes and dreams.

I can see and feel Liam’s soul. I see love and kindness in his heart as he grows up to change the world. His heart and soul will speak to him on his unique journey in life.

We love you, Liam! You da man! The world needs you. We need you… You will share your love and kindness with everyone and every living thing with a passion only you know in your heart and soul…

Steve and Judy Sparks
Children and Families in Life After Trauma

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Cape Perpetual!

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