Can Parents and Mentors Help Teach Kids How to Achieve Peace of Mind?

by | Dec 8, 2014


Mindful Gifts for Children…click on photo for larger view…

Mindfulness Gifts for Kids…  Quote from this website article…by Playful Learning…

“As the girls get older and confront many new situations, I am finding that one of the most important things I can teach them, is how to find a sense of peace within themselves.

Whether it is a situation with peers, pressure from school, or scary things they hear about in the news, we want our children to know that they can handle and process anything that comes their way.”


I am a very late boomer bloomer when it comes to learning how to achieve a mind at peace…  My life was so toxic and scary growing up and during my adult life that emotional numbness and self medication strategies seemed the only answer to slow my mind down during off hours at home.  I could never sit still or relax peacefully…hardly ever.  During the day my mind was busy with work, school, and exercise regimen, an excellent agenda to stay focused and keep my head from wondering back to painful places and insecurity.  I can’t remember ever having my parents or teachers teach me strategies that would help my emotional challenges during the evening hours and to get a healthy nights sleep…  I hated downtime!  Sleeping peacefully and restfully was a rare experience…nightmares haunted me just about every night…

I was thrilled to find this website resource, Playful Learning.  Reading through the reference information and discussion got my attention and pointed me right back to my childhood.  These are the early years that we parents, educators, and mentors can make a difference in helping kids learn techniques of mindfulness to help us develop lasting strategies to learn how to relax and reflect…achieve peace of mind in healthy ways…

I am all in on getting kids and teens engaged in exercises that help them sit back and take a deep breath.  Kids need time to think and reflect.  They need to learn early how to feel secure with themselves alone, away from all the noise of life for a bit.  Help your child learn about mindfulness exercises by researching the Playful Learning website.  Find a gift that suits his or her needs, and show them how to achieve peace of mind on a regular basis early in life.  As a parent or mentor you will provide a gift that lasts a life-time. 

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