Can Navy SEAL claiming to be Osama bin Laden’s killer live with moral injury? “And I remember as I watched him breathe out the last part of air, I thought: Is this the best thing I’ve ever done or the worst thing I’ve ever done?”

by | Feb 13, 2013

Published in the March 2013 issue
Phil Bronstein is the former editor of the San Francisco Chronicle and currently serves as executive chairman of the Center for Investigative Reporting. This piece was reported in cooperation with CIR.

Read more: Man Who Killed Osama Bin Laden – Treatment of Veteran Who Shot bin Laden – Esquire  Quote from this site…

“A year and a half after SEAL Team Six launched their raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound, the now-retired SEAL who says he’s the one who pulled the trigger is claiming the military has since left him and his family to fend for themselves. Journalist Phil Bronstein talks about the story he wrote for Esquire magazine.”

We should not have to share this story!  It doesn’t make any sense…  We treasure veterans of all wars who have put their lives at extreme risk to protect our freedoms.  They are also challenged in life after war with moral injury and the symptoms of PTSD.  We expect our government to take care of our warriors and their families who serve too.  And those who serve at the highest risk, as in the case of the subject Seal Team Six “Shooter” of Osama bin Laden, must be provided the very best security and protection.  I pray that this story is either short lived or not 100% accurate.  But the story shows up from a credible source and must be shared to help pressure those in positions of authority to make it right so that the retired SEAL Team Six veteran and his family can move on and enjoy a healthy, happy, and productive life after war…

Steve Sparks
Reconciliation: A Son’s Story

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