Calico Basin Secrets Of The Past…

by | Jul 16, 2023

The first humans were attracted to this area due to its resources of water, plant, and animal life that could not be easily found in the surrounding desert. Hunters and gatherers such as the historical Southern Paiute and the much older Archaic, or Desert Culture Native Americans, have successively occupied this area.”


Calico Basin Springs Oasis

Thriving in the Mojave Desert

Each time I visit Red Rock Canyon, my heart and soul are moved by the spiritual presence of indigenous people who first settled here long ago. It occurs to me each time we visit that the native tribes of that time were resourceful and respectful of this land and the sustainable resources. The people who lived here never wasted or willfully damaged the environment. I believe they were the very first environmentalists.

Calico Basin was the community gathering place and home to both ancient humans and animals who lived here in peace and harmony with nature. As I imagine life here so long ago, there’s a part of me that wants to be there for a moment to observe and listen to the natives as they go about their simple lives.

Imagine what we might learn from them. I dream often of some how joining these early hunters and gatherers to learn up front about their culture in that time so very long ago. I believe we could learn much that would help us in the 21st Century how to live in harmony with nature and each other.

Sure, this is my dream. But it’s something that heals my soul the more I learn about America’s ancestors. I want to be with them to see and hear for myself. Imagine with me for a moment as you learn more about America’s very first indigenous settlers. Does your curious mind drift back and dream too?

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