Building Personal Mission Statement For the Next Chapter in Your Life…

by | Feb 28, 2016

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Revisiting & building your life mission and goals at any age…

How & Why a Mission Statement… PRODUCTIVITYBY 

“Confusing, isn’t it? Everyone has a different view about the careers you should follow, the relationships you should form and the dreams you should pursue. If you’re stuck, a personal mission statement can help. Mission statements are not just for companies, businesses and organizations.”


The 2016 New Year was a rough start for me and our family.  You know, the old “pile-on” can happen at any age.  During this time of serious soul searching, my therapist recommended a new personal mission statement.  My first reaction was, “what a great idea!”  Turning 70 in July 2016 gave me a sense of a new beginning, and major reset in the making, for our home and life in these later years.  So, here goes… Take a look at my new mission statement and goals going forward.  Hope this renewal effort in our life helps many others, including friends and family, think about the next chapter in life…

Following is my new Mission Statement…and goals…

Build a balanced quality of life focused around family and personal goals…including specific actions…

1.  Joy, fun, happiness, and love of family and close friends.
2.  Live in the moment with my wife and soul mate in pursuit of mutual interests, adventure, and romance.
3.  Practice and experience renewed and stronger spiritual growth.
4.  Focus on selective professional outlets consistent with passion for community service i.e., writing, public speaking and teaching.
5.  Do not volunteer for community or public service connected with a fiduciary role.
6.  Explore paid professional services opportunities as an advisor, educator, and leadership coach.
7.  Sit down with my spouse on a regular basis (weekly) to review activities consistent with mutual goals.

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