Buckskin Gulch

by | Apr 25, 2022


The medium is the message

As I gaze at the artistic messaging of the sketchings, souls of long ago appear to me. I feel them as the early inhabits of the Sonora, making bounty from this desert paradise, in that time.

The rattlesnake is a tasty morsel too, with skins to save for other uses. Natives never ever wasted or dishonored life or nature. They saw God here in the Sonora overlooking the tall Saguaros.

I see an early Native American hunter in the sketch below surprised by a Rattlesnake’s sudden attack. I see how curreled up the snake was in strike ready posture. I was there too while feeling his soul in that moment.

In this sketch below, I see, hear and feel the music and dancing of a tribal family. Maybe it was a birthday party. Or, maybe they were warriors fighting with a warring tribe in a valley not far away.

Your guess on the sketch below? Seems like a celebration after a Rattlesnake catch to me. It’s clear snakes were a favorite game. Kinda like fishing, I think. I see the head of the snake on the ground, huge. And, the dude in the background cheering is cool.

“The canyon is often visited in conjunction with the longer Paria Canyon. With a distance of 20 miles (32 km), hiking both canyons in one day is possible. Wire Pass,[6] a short tributary to Buckskin, is a popular day-hike alternative that still takes hikers through the narrow, curving features that are the hallmarks of slot canyons.[7]

What does my soul say to me?

The sunshine rises over the horizon, bringing a new day of kindness and love to the Sonora. I see the Peccary roam nearby, snorting a “good morning to you, good neighbor.”

I see the Prickly Pear blooms smiling among the majestic Saguaro. The Eagles fly, the Turkey Vulchers breakfast on leftovers from the night before, the Robin sings to me.

God speaks to me here…

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