Breathe & Dream at Silver Falls…

by | May 27, 2022

Steve taking a break…
Judy strolling by…

Park Overview

People call it the “crown jewel” of the Oregon State Parks system, and once you visit, you know why. Silver Falls State Park is the kind of standout scenic treasure that puts Oregon firmly onto the national—and international—stage. Its beauty, boundless recreational opportunities and historic presence keep it there.”

Stop look & listen to your soul

We talk about lots of stuff while journeying to Buckeye, Arizona. It’s a miracle we are on the last leg a remarkavle marathon to Buckeye, Arizona. We’ll never forget this remarkable journey of love and hope for a new life in the Sonora. Yes, we are 70somethings! How ’bout that?

Lessons learned…

Here’s what we have learned and committed to as rules of the road while winning the last leg of the race to the Sonora.

Two weeks ago when we first arrived to Roddy Ranch it seemed like we barely escaped a Tsunami on the coast. It seemed impossible in my mind that recovery could tough road ahead.

Roddy Ranch heals my heart ‘n soul like no other time or experience in recent years. Sookie saved my life.

We headed up to Silver Falls today, a most stunning spectacle to see.

As we walked on the trail to Silver Falls, it was time to get down to business again. It was then when Judy and I committed ourselves to safety first, not fights to lose.

We so looked forward to arriving in Las Vegas by June 3rd to see Sarah, Chris and Liam, our grandson, turning one year old on June 24th. Hearts pound with joy thinking of Liam’s smile and giggling laughter.


When we get mixed up or rattled by more than one distraction or mishap, it’s time to say “STOP!” This can save your life. Just stop please, especially as we age with a a few scars that don’t heal easily.


When we turn off the road and stop safely, it feels like we lost out way. I believe just sitting and breathing for a bit gives us time to look see. It’s usually a short time well spent to right the ship, and get a Starbucks kick, then it’s back on the road safely. Look!


Listen to your body and soul. You can hear and feel the calmness, without a word spoken. I look at Judy to see if she’s okay. I know if she is or not, without a word spoken.

When the going gets tough, we both look at each other and say, “stop, look, and listen.” This is our commitment to safety first.

More importantly


Too many mistakes happen over and over again. Stop to revisit these mishaps and the arguments of blame. Learn from mistakes. Making the same mistake over and over again will kill you and your family.


When we act we commit. When we commit to action it means we are prepared for the worst and pray for the best. Don’t leave home without a plan.

Silver Falls speaks to me…

As I walked along the short path to the falls, with Judy right behind me, I thought about our future as aging seniors. We have been fortunate, but not without a higher power watching over us, I believe.

Now we dream together again about the next chapter of our lives, all too short to be sure. All of it looks beautiful and amazing to me, just like the last 40 years of dreaming, loving and believing we can do anything we put our sights and dreams to.

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