“Brainwashing” As It Were… Does Public Health and Safety Matter Anymore?

by | Oct 17, 2021

Grammy ‘n Liam

“What people need to be focused on is not who said what, but rather, what was said and why it is harmful.”


Do we believe what we want to believe? Or, do we listen and learn?

What do you see and hear?

I see, hear, and feel my soul, in the most imaginary ways as I gaze in the moment out to sea. It’s a spiritual moment, nothing to explain…

Your mind must be completely free to experience life with all your senses from the things that pull us away from God and nature. That’s really tough for me to do.

Judy and I are in Las Vegas for two whole weeks to visit our new grandson, Liam Skai Fitch. We are so very grateful to experience this new love in our family’s life. I can’t imagine anything more spiritually healing in this moment…

Liam Skai Fitch, 4 months old…

While looking down at the floor covering in our new home for 2 weeks, I was inspired. The carpet created an optical illusion that resembled steps and stairs leading up to something in the sky perhaps. My observation seemed worthy of further conversation with myself…

Is this why folks are so divisive about values we should all care about now? Have we regressed to falling trap to self-serving points of view? Maybe we have…

What is going on? Have we gone mad?

What does one dimensional thinking say to me, as I contemplate public health and safety, politics and the greater good? You know, the thinking I’m culturally and intellectually connected to, like most Americans?

But, in a large swath of America, I see and hear a ‘red vs. blue’ dynamic. I’ve not thought about this until more recently. I really struggle with this conundrum, no kidding. It’s tough for an old dude like me to sort this out. Is it for you too?

Liam Skai Fitch, his world as a young man?

If it’s a stretch for Pops to figure out a world gone mad in 2021, what will 2041 look like? I’m not very sure about 20 years from now. But, I worry about Liam, Chris and Sarah a lot.

If I’m still around then, I kinda feel scared about what Liam will face as a young man having to fight in a war. Because that’s what I see and feel in my bones with great concern in my heart and soul…

If a world gone mad gets madder, war is inevitable, in my view. If history is any measure, and you’re old enough to remember WWII like me, it’s not pretty for the Covid generation…

It was Hitler’s Germany that used a propaganda machine to sell fascism to its people. Enough of the population voted to create an opportunity for a dangerous dictator to win a democratic election.

Sound familiar? Any bells ringing? Maybe, maybe not, is on my mind. What do you see and hear?


I still believe in America! History has also shown that the forces of freedom and Democracy always shine through in the end.

This is when we, as Americans and a free world, turn back dictators and despots… This is when a world gone mad gets a grip on the true meaning of freedom.

This is when a world gone mad, begins to heal. This is when we all see once again, public health and safety as in the best interest for all of us, not just some of us.

This is when love, empathy and compassion returns. Do we wait for war and civil unrest? Or, do we come together right now, and agree on the things we care about the most?

It’s our choice as parents and grandparents to make a better world for our kids. Stop being self serving! See the good and kindness in each other.

We pray for a better world for our children. A world gone mad is bad for all of us, not just some of us…

Steve and Judy Sparks
Children and Families in Life After Trauma

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