Boston Marathon bombing victims…may walk and run again… Battlefield medicine helps doctors…

by | Apr 21, 2013

Medical advances made during wars will help doctors treat the injured victims of the Boston bombings.
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Combat trauma experience helping Boston Marathon bombing victims…Quote from this website…

“The bombs that made Boston look like a combat zone have also brought battlefield medicine to their civilian victims. A decade of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan has sharpened skills and scalpels, leading to dramatic advances that are now being used to treat the 13 amputees and nearly a dozen other patients still fighting to keep damaged limbs.”
The heroic response from 1st responders and citizens after the Boston Marathon bombing saved many lives.  The war time trauma medical advances are also playing a huge role in helping doctors treat injured victims who lost limbs close to the blast zone.  As terrible and destructive as war has been the last 10 years, causing the loss of limbs for so many veterans, the medical advances go along way to help future trauma victims.  The war medicine experience is now coming to the aid of the many injured in Boston this last week.  It would be a huge blessing to see the injured return to the Boston Marathon in 2014 either walking or possibly running in the race.  Mobility and the return to good physical health would be a remarkable demonstration of medical science and the resilience of those who desire returning to normal physical activity and competition.  As President Obama said in his speech this last week in Boston, “you will run again.”

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