Bocce’s Pizzaria Makes Me Smile…

by | Jun 15, 2022

Bocca’s Best!

Blooms on Jail Trail
Jessica’s smile sealed the deal…

Bocce’s smile

From the moment we walked into Bocce’s Pizzeria and sat down in front of the open kitchen, we we fell in love with the place. When Jessica came up to serve us, it was her happy face that made our day in Old Town Cottonwood.

Jessica served up antipasta salad for me, the best ever. It was so delicious, I want to go back again. Judy ordered a veggie gourmet salad to die for. I want to try that next time.

After dinner, we walked over to Jail Trail in the City Park, next to the Verde River, to take it all in. The warm breeze purifies my body ‘n soul, so in need of healing and recovery.

We are set to move into a rental home over the weekend, while waiting for our new home to be move-in ready by next February. Just down the street from all the construction excitement, and to keep a watching eye as we observe, in amazement, new dreams comes true.

I say it’s time to embrace retirement for both of us. We are ready for the next journey and chapter in a most amazing lifetime adventure together as partners and best friends, Judy ‘n me.

While we celebrate, it is with love and gratefulness for good fortune and health that we found this paradise in these later years. See you soon!

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