Big Winds ‘n Seas at Little Whale Cove!

by | Jan 2, 2022

Depoe Bay, Oregon January 2, 2022
A roaring time with the wind ‘n sea at Little Whale Cove with Troy Chambers from McMinnville…
Troy ‘n Dylan…
Judy ‘n Dylan!
Steve ‘n Caitlin!

I remember long ago when Sarah ‘n Troy were going to kindergarten at Upper Valley Christian School in Leavenworth Leavenworth, Wa. Sarah reminded me of the story…

Judy was in Spokane for a teacher’s conference. I got to stay home with Sadie, our furry loved one…

The school called me up and told me there was a lice problem and most of the kids had lice crawling around in their hair, “oh no,” I yelled out with fear. I know I said, “shit” too..

When I picked up Sarah at school, she told me, “daddy, I got “head lights,” and so did Troy.” She didn’t know how to say “lice” then…

I proceeded to get instructions from Judy on how to remove lice. I hated it! Sadie would get ” head lights” too, oh no!

Troy got his head shaved and had to wear a hat to school. I know he hated that. He still hates hats and likes long hair, as you can see..

It was a beautiful visit getting to know Troy, Caitlin ‘n little Dylan. We so hope they come for another visit soon…

Steve & Judy Sparks Children and Families in Life After Trauma (CFLAT),_Washington

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