Big waves at Nelscott Reef, Oregon…”Food for the Soul”

by | Feb 3, 2013

Nelscott Reef, Oregon 2010…Lincoln City

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“The Nelscott Classic, part of an international competition among elite surfers, is running most of today at Nelscott. Parking in the area is expected to be tight. Be prepared to do a little walking. Less baggage the better. Waves are expected to be considerably smaller than most years, with a gradual increase in size beginning in mid-afternoon.”

In keeping with the theme of my blog, this is “food for the soul.”  There is nothing like the experience of surfing!  As a big fan, the sport of surfing brings back fond and exciting memories of long ago when my body was younger and in excellent condition.  But the thrill of watching big wave surfers is a huge past time on the Oregon coast.  Today was an exceptional day at the beach to watch tow-in surfers go for it on waves around 18 feet.  The off shore balmy breeze, and sunny day was mesmerizing.  I can wander back to the 60’s & 70’s in my mind and remember all the excitement and challenge of riding waves in So. California, Mexico, and Hawaii…  We never thought much about the Oregon coast back then.  We didn’t have the luxury of the wet suit technology of today to keep ourselves warm in this very cold water.  I really don’t mind watching these days and dreaming about days gone by.  Just hanging out at the beach is a joy, except on the most stormy days in the winter.  I’ll leave the waves to the young surf dudes and just watch…take pictures…and dream a little…

Steve Sparks
Reconciliation: A Son’s Story


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