Bessie Bee… “For without Bees there is no love…”

by | Feb 1, 2021

“Once she finds a good location underground, the queen will drop her metabolic rate to conserve energy and produce an antifreeze-like chemical to withstand cold temperatures. Upon receiving cues from the environment that spring has arrived, the queen will emerge, begin anew, and the cycle repeats itself.”


Bessie Bee, the early Queen Bee, stopped for a visit yesterday. The rain forced her to come in under the porch with me…

Bessie Bee told me it has been a little harder this year to get a nest going. She was kinda anxious about it, while staring at me with a puff and pout?.

Bessie Bee was worried that her worker bees might be nervous too. “Queen Bees, like me, serve the greater good, leaders we are,” she would say proudly?

Bessie Bee says, “This is a critical time of year. Queen Bees need sufficient food herself, as well as enough to nourish her first batch of developing offspring.” She would say then, “Failure is not an option, my dear!”

Bessie Bee would stay in for the night. She has a little built in heater to keep warm. “I will awake with light of sunshine in the early morn, my dear,” Bessie Bee said with a happy buzz…

“Will you meet me here again?” Bessie Bee asked, as she disappeared underneath the deck, to rest in the nest. “Of course I will,” I thought with admiration and respect…

“For without Bees there would be no love…” Bessie Bee whispered softly as she fell soundly asleep.

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