“Bessie Bee” Arrives! Spring on the Oregon coast is near…

by | Jan 24, 2021

It seems like every year at this time my old friend “Bessie Bee” shows up. She loves to warm up from a cold night in hibernation when the warm sunshine beckons…

“Bessie Bee” is preparing to be first in line for the early blooms. Early bees get the most honey, they say…

Even Bees like to be first. “Bessie Bee” is a good listener too. She is very patient with me talking a lot.

I feel so calm sitting on the porch in my rocking chair. Breathing in the cool fresh breeze from the sea is healing. Makes me feel alive visiting with “Bessie Bee”

It’s even better when “Bessie Bee” shows up for a chat. For I know in my soul that without Bees there is no love ?.

See you later “Bessie Bee” a true friend, indeed…

PNW Bumble Bee reference:


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