Barrel Sponges Delight…

by | Feb 26, 2022

A night diving experience in the Caribbean is like seeing bright twinkling Christmas lights that bring an early season of cheer…

“With their stunning beauty, incredible diversity and headline-grabbing demise due to bleaching, coral reefs are to tropical climate change impacts what polar bears are to the Arctic.

Now, with two National Science Foundation grants, UNH researchers are exploring how sponges, the less charismatic but essential reef neighbors of corals, contribute to overall coral reef health.”

Night Diver’s Encounter

“Night diving many times is like floating in space with twinkling Christmas lights flashing all around you. I swim in awe in those times.

There are sponges called Barrel Sponges. They can be three feet high and a foot and a half around.

At night, when a current caused by your swimming moves them, they light up with bright little lights all over the Barral Sponges. I can see them more clearly with my light turned off at night too.

I see so much more to be delighted by.”

Mike Glenn, Monterey, Ca

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