Arthur Kamuntu, Social Worker, Mabarara, Uganda

by | Jan 24, 2022

Arthur Kamuntu & little one…

Mbarara City is a city in the Western Region of Uganda and the second largest city in Uganda after Kampala. The city is divided into 6 boroughs/divisions of Kakoba DivisionKamukuzi DivisionNyamitanga DivisionBiharwe DivisionKakiika DivisionNyakayojo Division. It is the main commercial centre of most of south western districts of Uganda and the site of the district headquarters.[1][4] In May 2019, the Uganda’s cabinet granted Mbarara a city status, which started on 1 July 2020.”

As you might imagine, I have beautiful friends around the globe. Arthur, is one such friend. He and his family live in Uganda.

Arthur wrote to me today with this note. We chat often. I appreciate getting to know Arthur. He gives me perspective about our own challenges in Lincoln County Oregon.

“Hello Steve!! How are you? Hope everything is going well with you!! How are the work going?”

“I hope you and family are well. Happy new year of 2022. I hope it will be extremely a beneficial year for you.”

“I’m not well has it could be with me now a little bit stuck on the way…I need your help/ sponsor in my two ideas, my goal is to come over in USA for work US has loads of benefits for hard working people so I would like to come but i don’t have visa and air ticket to make it possible to travel, or a financial support to start a local business here in my country.”

“My two years back it has been a struggle so I want to make it this year. I have a family with one kid so it’s hard to live. I will be glad to hear from you! Have a great week!!”

“Yeah the economy is crashing due to maybe bad government etc am in Uganda the western region of mbarara! I have a diploma in social science. My closest economic development center it’s in Mbarara. Yeah so much engaged in the community”

“No internet you just have to buy data or to go in cafés…”

“Top officials and same government workers are the most corrupt people much criminals yeah we have that”

“Yeah i lost my job in 2019 I was working has assistant librarian and store since then I have been struggling cos I went in Turkey in 2019 Oct but things didn’t work well…I came back last year in April. But to keep not being Ido I decided to volunteer has am trying to find want I can do.”

“I have one kind she is one year and 6month called Ariana and my wife not yet officially married in church.”

“Thank you for sharing. It’s night here 21:15pm I will need enough data by tomorrow. Am gonna check out and share.”

Yeah, guess we are pretty lucky in Lincoln County. What do you say? Reach out to Arthur. He needs a hug and a pat on the back…

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