Amazing Driftwood Sculpture from Little Whale Cove..

by | Apr 21, 2021

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“Pueblo ” before…
“Pueblo” before…
Magic! “Pueblo ” is a planter!

When Judy found this piece on the Little Whale Cove Beach awhile back, it looked like something no one would pay any attention to, no not at all…

“Let’s take home and see,” I said with a smile of curiosity and a look of mystery. “Who knows?” It might be from an old shipwreck off the coast, ” I imagined thinking and dreaming again about such things…

“Pueblo” was very heavy then with seaweed, creatures from the sea, and the cycle of life in motion, as it traveled the oceans from afar. I had no idea then what it was, or that we would see “Pueblo” at Mesa Verde Dwellings, or maybe a Sea Horse too…

What do you see?

“Pueblo” Do you see it?
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